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3 Season


Season 3, Episode 1: The Magnificent Seven
Sam, Dean and Bobby deal with the ramifications of the Gate to Hell opening session of the demon incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins, while Dean's living life to the fullest extent possible the shadow of business done with the Crossroads Demon, and a mysterious blonde woman with a demon-killing knife Sam helps.

Season 3, Episode 2: The Kids Are Alright
A strange death reported in the paper asks Dean and Sam to find Lisa Braeden, a woman Dean had a weekend trip, about 8.75 years ago, only to have a son turning eighth Examination of the death of the paper, several other mysterious recent deaths, Sam and Dean are chasing a Changeling, who with her children instead of his successors. A mysterious blonde woman back, Sam is a cryptic message that should look into her mother's friends.

Season 3, Episode 3: Bad Day at Black Rock
The Winchesters are called regarding a robbery father's store, and track down the robbers to find the item stolen is a cursed rabbit's leg, which is great luck until lost, and once lost the previous owner dies within a week. Sam picks up the leg, and good luck until pickpocketted the mercenary Bela. Dean must then get it back before Sam's bad luck it will be dead. To complicate the situation, Gordon, in his prison home, convinced that the two other hunters Sam pure evil and must be killed.

Season 3, Episode 4: Sin City
The Winchester boys head to Ohio research several deaths in a small town, where a crime has strong foothold in the population, prostitution, adultery, alcohol abuse, murder, and suicide are all prevalent in the once quiet town. Dean is a revealing interview with a demon possessed woman. The demon Ruby helps Bobby restore the Colt, it is demon-killing grandeur.

Season 3, Episode 5: Bedtime Stories
The "Three Little Pigs" and "Hansel and Gretel" to life and attract Sam and Dean's attention to Maple Springs, NY, where you attempt to stop the "Little Red Riding Hood," "Cinderella" and "Snow White" from being unhappy ending. Sam also confronts the Crossroad Demon in the newly refurbished Colt.

Season 3, Episode 6: Red Sky Morning
Strange land-locked drownings occur, and the boys head to the beach to find out why, discovering a Ghost Ship witnessed some of the victims shortly after their death. They find that Bela is already involved, running a scam on elderly Gertrude Case, the aunt, the first of a sacrifice in love with Sam.

Season 3, Episode 7: Fresh Blood
Gordon Walker out of jail and out of the blood, blood, Sam, and pays Bela to reveal the location. Meanwhile, the Winchesters hot on the trail of a vampire named Dixon, who, however, a cattle Gordon.

Season 3, Episode 8: A Very Supernatural Christmas
Sam and Dean follow the trail of an Anti-section, when the victims apparently pulled up the chimney and never seen again. When the driver goes nowhere, the Winchesters learn the Anti-clause is actually a pair of old pagan gods who have assimilated into society and since found a new way to make their annual sacrifice. A flashback to Christmas 1991 reveals how Sam found out for the first time what his father really, and if Dean got gold amulet.

Season 3, Episode 9: Malleus Maleficarum
The seemingly harmless practices of neighborhood group of witches goes bad when one of them kills a woman. Ruby offers her assistance ... but there are a few secrets of his own.

Season 3, Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream of Me
When Bobby Singer is discovered in a coma, Dean and Sam uncover a demon who works through people's dreams to destroy them.

Season 3, Episode 11: Mystery Spot
Sam relives the same day over and over again, constantly deal with Dean's death.

Season 3, Episode 12: Jus in Bello
Sam and Dean was arrested Agent Henriksen and thrown in a Colorado jail cell as a host of demons to the first step under a new leader who wants Sam dead.

Season 3, Episode 13: Ghostfacers
Sam and Dean inexplicably encounter the Hell Hounds while investigating a case that John did not crack years earlier and become fixtures in a pilot's own reality show called Ghostfacers.

Season 3, Episode 14: long-distance calls
Sam and Dean are on the heels of the Crocotta the unit to ensure the victims by communicating as a loved one by phone and computer. While Sam takes care of your family, to the ghastly tortures Communications, Dean walks into a trap when a voice beyond the grave gives the whereabouts of the demon who has the contract.

Season 3, Episode 15: Time is on my side
The Winchesters encounter the mysterious and very much still alive Doc Benton when a series of abductions where the victims report missing body parts after forced surgery. When Bobby manages to find Bela, Dean, head-to face with him and get the Colt back. Meanwhile, Sam left behind in the hope that Doc Benton can immortalize Dean to get him out of the Deal.

Season 3, Episode 16: No Rest for Wicked
Dean is time, and even then they must pay the devil his due. When Lilith resurfaces in New Harmony, Indiana terrorizing a family to no end Sam, Dean and Bobby steal Ruby's knife and confront the mother of all demons in the battle of the death.begins calculated strategic move to unleash the armies of hell.